The National Pastime – Episode 10

The National Pastime – Episode 10

Hosts: Melvin, Zack, Sofia, Megan, Ryan

Join us for another random wacky episode of The National Pastime where we discuss some different kinds of gameplay we’d like to see and much off-topic conversation…

And to top off the new episode, a picture of Megan as Jack Frost from Calgary Expo.



The National Pastime – Episode 8

The National Pastime – Episode 8

Hosts: Melvin, Ryan, Kayley, Megan

Join us this week as our cast talks about what neglected genre of series that should see a comeback, or what the effect that rehashing the same five types of games over and over again can do to a genre.

Show Notes:

  • We recorded this pre-The Last of Us launch so we kind of say things about The Last of Us as if we hadn’t played it. Most of us have either beaten it, or are in the middle of playing it lolĀ 
  • Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds is the beat ’em up I mentioned in the episode that I couldn’t remember the exact name of


The National Pastime – Episode 5

The National Pastime – Episode 5

Hosts: Melvin, Megan, Kayley, Sofia, Angela, Tyler

This week our hosts discuss the video game characters they’d like to be, and what makes them want to play open world games and linear storyline driven games.

Warning: I know I said last episode was the most off-topic, but this one will give it a run for its money.

Show Notes:

And some random pictures I took before we started recording. Or after, I forget which.

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