The National Pastime – Episode 14

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The National Pastime – Episode 14

Hosts: Melvin, Ryan, Megan, Zack, Sofia

The last episode of the season and possibly our best episode yet! Our hosts this week discuss hyperviolence in video games, but the conversation evolves into so much more.

Show Notes:

  • Just keep in mind that we recorded this early May so we didn’t know about FFXV yet…
  • Melvin also says something with Halo and green blood that he confused hearing somebody talk about it rather than actual source. SORRY!

The National Pastime – Episode 13

The National Pastime – Episode 13

Hosts: Melvin, Brodie, Clayton, Liz

This week, our hosts discuss the need, or lack thereof, of deep stories in video games.

Show Notes:

  • This was a really short episode because a few of our podcasters had to leave for apointments. I still think it’s a good episode, it”s just shorter than our usual.
  • We recorded this before The Last of Us came out so weren’t able to include it in this conversation.

The National Pastime – Episode 12

The National Pastime – Episode 12

Hosts: Melvin, Megan, Kayley, Ryan

This week, our hosts talk about who they’d be on a sitcom set and backwards compatibility in games and the next gen!

Show notes:

  • It should be noted that we recorded this at the end of April so there’s a lot of stuff about next-gen we didn’t know yet for the conversation, but it doesn’t affect the conversation THAT much.
  • Oh, also, I didn’t realize until after the episode but we never really finalized what kind of sitcom character Ryan would be. I think he’d be more of a Joey (from Friends) character cause he has lots of sex and is dumb =D

The National Pastime – The Last of Us Spoilercast

The National Pastime – The Last of Us Spoilercast

Hosts: Melvin, Clayton, Megan

This week is our special The Last of Us spoilercast! Be warned, if you have not finished the game, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. If you want to discuss some of the points we raised on the podcast about The Last of Us, you can do so in the comments, or you can find us on twitter.

Show notes:

  • There will NOT be a new episode next week. This one is coming in really early because I don’t want to post a spoilercast AFTER when everyone is giving a shit, so it’s coming now. Also, Canada Day next week and I’ll be busy at work that day so I won’t have time to post anything.

The National Pastime – Episode 7

The National Pastime – Episode 7

Hosts: Melvin, Zack, Ryan

This week, join our hosts as they talk about video game characters they’d like to be, the use of high-profile actors in video games, and seeing video games as art. Lots of randomness in between.

The National Pastime – Episode 6

The National Pastime – Episode 6

Hosts: Melvin, Brodie, Clayton, Kayley

This week our hosts discuss the game they’d play if they were forced to play only one game from now until the end of time, as well as their game of the generation!

Show Notes:

  • So sorry guys! Zack and Megan were in the next room doing stuff, and their voices kind of carried into the background of the podcast. At one point, Kayley and I will whisper about it. Sometimes it’s not too bad, but sometimes it is >.< Most of the podcast is good aside from that.