The National Pastime – Episode 8

The National Pastime – Episode 8

Hosts: Melvin, Ryan, Kayley, Megan

Join us this week as our cast talks about what neglected genre of series that should see a comeback, or what the effect that rehashing the same five types of games over and over again can do to a genre.

Show Notes:

  • We recorded this pre-The Last of Us launch so we kind of say things about The Last of Us as if we hadn’t played it. Most of us have either beaten it, or are in the middle of playing it lol 
  • Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds is the beat ’em up I mentioned in the episode that I couldn’t remember the exact name of



Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag gameplay trailer

This game is shaping up really nice. I hope this begins a new trend in next gen games with a pirate theme. I think it’s not used very often and should be explored more. We had the opportunity when Pirates of the Caribbean first came out and hit big with mainstream audiences, but that time kind of slipped away and I think the next gen would be a good opportunity to revisit it. Agree or disagree? Leave a comment below!