The National Pastime – Episode 10

The National Pastime – Episode 10

Hosts: Melvin, Zack, Sofia, Megan, Ryan

Join us for another random wacky episode of The National Pastime where we discuss some different kinds of gameplay we’d like to see and much off-topic conversation…

And to top off the new episode, a picture of Megan as Jack Frost from Calgary Expo.



The National Pastime – E3 Part 2

The National Pastime – E3 Part 2

Hosts: Melvin, Clayton, Ryan

This is our special E3 episode, broken up into four parts. Part 2, we talk all about EA and Ubisoft conferences!

Show Notes:

  •  We recorded the episode before Microsoft’s backtracking on their DRM and used games policy so, yeah, we talk about the situation as it was a few days after E3

Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag gameplay trailer

This game is shaping up really nice. I hope this begins a new trend in next gen games with a pirate theme. I think it’s not used very often and should be explored more. We had the opportunity when Pirates of the Caribbean first came out and hit big with mainstream audiences, but that time kind of slipped away and I think the next gen would be a good opportunity to revisit it. Agree or disagree? Leave a comment below!