The National Pastime – Episode 4

The National Pastime – Episode 4

Hosts: Melvin, Zack, Sofia, Sarah

Join our hosts this week as they discuss weapons they’d use in a zombie apocalypse, and the lack of ethnically diverse characters in video games…!

Warning: This is the most off-topic episode we’ve had yet…! Not sure if that’s good or bad.

Show Notes

  • This episode is actually the second time we recorded on the subject. The first time we recorded this episode, Melvin made a tiny TINY mistake and forgot to actually press record, and we actually stayed on topic for it. When we recorded it a second time, we kinda forgot some of the points we had the first time ’round, and we kind of got more scattered and tired since this was our third episode of the day X_x
  • This is the video Zack was talking about with the scythe:

Also, random picture from the episode:



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