The National Pastime – Episode 3

The National Pastime – Episode 3

Hosts: Melvin, Clayton, Brodie

This week on the National Pastime, we discuss taking vacations in video game worlds, the nature of micro-transactions in video games, and how shitty it can be to have micro-transactions rammed down our throats.

Show Notes:

  • Not-DnD-game: Melvin makes reference to a Not-DnD-game played with Clayton (Zack, another host of TNP, and others were there) and to clarify, the game played was sort of like DnD, but also not. They took the basic idea of role playing a zombie apocalypse and applied it to real world settings. For us, it was at our school, ACAD. We included super powers, like waterbending or dragon shouts from Skyrim, and applied damage through varied numbers of D6’s. We used the number of zombies defeated as a point of reference for leveling up. The higher level we got, the more D6’s we used for damage. Enemies would scale in level along with us. We established a certain number for HP for enemies that gradually increased as we got stronger.

Warning: More often than not, we WILL get off topic.


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