The National Pastime 01 – All About PS4

Hey, everybody! Melvin here.


First episode of The National Pastime is out and we’re talking all about the PS4! (See video above) Sorry for the long runtime. We’re gonna work on future episodes to reduce it to about half of that, but we’ll see. The first episode was so long because it was a big event we were covering and there was much to talk about. We even lost twenty minutes of footage due to me not understanding how my camera works X_x

We haven’t quite settled on a format yet, but as we do more episodes I’m sure the show will develop a form for itself. There’s still stuff to work on, like a title sequence, maybe some music or something, but we’ll get to it when we have time. School and assignments have got both of us tied up.

I realize that the first episode is Sony-centric, but we’ll try to incorporate topics about Nintendo, Microsoft, and possibly PC gaming as well in the future. Whatever piques our interest in the week will end up on the show.


If anyone has any comments, suggestions, or questions they’d like to see us answer on the show, send us an e-mail at

Follow us on twitter as well!

Show: @thenationalpast

Melvin: @protomelvin

Zack: @zackaboulazm


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